November 4, 2022 - 4Fre5h, Fre5hies, TangoCrypto, F5d

First things first, Gang, thank you for making the 4Fre5h drop such a success! Wave 1 sold out in less than a minute, and the rest in less than 24 hours. We feel priviledged to have your continued support and nothing makes us happier than seeing you share your favorite images with each other. There is something magical about the ever-changing nature of a Refresh cNFT and we love sharing in the magic with you. No better community to be on this journey with!

Seems like ThisCrazyLife, or Ian, as he’s known in some circles, is finally healthy again. That was some journey! Thanks to those who sent well wishes and to everyone for bearing with us while we had to adjust our drop schedule. We appreciate you all! Hopefully, things are going to be smooth sailing from here.

With that, let’s sail into Fre5h waters with Fre5hies! There will be 365 in total, one available for each day of the year The Refresh has been around. This was supposed to be an anniversary celebration drop done at the end of September - beginning of October, but Ian’s health issues didn’t let that happen. However, a celebration is still in order! We’re aiming for a mid-November drop.

There will be 305 available during the sale. 60 will be set aside for airdrops to Refresh Wave 1 buyers, giveaways, and the team. Fre5hies will only be available to Refresh hodlers. They are 4k with the design centered but still refreshable. They are intended to be Refresh PFPs (pFre5hp.) You will be able to save with three background options: gradient, black, and transparent. You’ll also be able to save in HD from mobile devices.

Ian is testing another platform called TangoCrypto for this drop. If you are looking for a platform to mint on that provides a more professional sale experience than Cardano-Tools, Tango is a great option. They are still at a stage where the team interacts directly with users and provides hands-on assistance. So for those who feel like they can’t figure out NMKR Pro but want to be able to have drops with that type of look and feel, take a look at Tango.

As you know, TCL is trying to do more drops on his own without a vending service. We chose Tango this time because Cardano-Tools only allows one asset to be minted at a time for onchain drops. That ends up costing extra in tx fees for those who want multiple. We wanted the cost to be 5₳, but when setting up a test mint the platform has a message that says we have to charge around 5.2₳. That cost is on testnet though, we’ll get the exact cost soon. The benefit will be the ability to buy up to 10 at a time.

F5d, The Refresh v2 will be next on the list, dropping around the end of December - mid. January. It will be onchain, 4k, animated, and have NFV features. More info will start to get "leaked" after Fre5hies.

That’s all we have for now… Until the next update, stay Fre5h!

October 18, 2022 - 4Fre5h Drop, 4Fre5her, Fre5hies, F5d

TCL is still not back to 100% but he’s doing much better. We’re very disappointed we didn’t make it to Con or Bloom, we really wanted to meet you guys! Hopefully we can be there next year. It seemed like a smarter decision to stay home and get back to feeling good again.

4Fre5h has been completed and the drop day announced:

It will take place on 10/22/2022 at 1400 UTC. There will be two waves with discounted pricing for Refresh hodlers and a 4% royalty on the policy. Wave 1 will be 7₳ for hodlers and 20₳ for everyone else. Wave 2 will be 10₳ for hodlers and 25₳ for everyone else. 4Fre5h is 4k, JavaScript based, interactive, and has a new double tap feature which will allow for saving HD images on mobile devices. There are a total of 555 NFTs, 490 available for sale. 50 are being airdropped to Refresh wave 1 buyers and 15 to TCL for the team and giveaways. 55 lucky buyers will have a bonus 4Fre5her app in their NFT. More info on 4Fre5her below.

4Freh5er has also been completed. This is a fun little app that mirrors an image 4 times in collage format. After uploading an image it can be rotated around with the 4 version buttons. This can be used to create your own 4Fre5h versions from the OG Refresh or you can add any image you’d like to have mirrored 4 ways.

4Fre5her was finalized for mint using a new script TCL wrote which will allow for easy ondemand minting from the platform. He’ll be adding this to The Refresh Github repository after it’s been cleaned up a bit. Once it’s been published an announcement will be made and TCL will be available if anyone has questions.

Now that 4Fre5h and 4Fre5her are done Fre5hies are up to bat. Fre5hies are very cool Refresh PFPs or as we like to call them pFre5hps. A few images have already been shared on Twitter and Discord and more will be leaked. Details about the drop are still to come.

After Fre5hies is finished the big bad F5d will be the only thing we’re working on until the end of the year. Shooting for an end of December drop but might roll over into the new year. We’ll see how it plays out.

There’s a lot to look forward to over the next few months! We’re pumped!

Stay Fre5h until the next update!

September 21, 2022 - 4Fre5h, Github, AR Airdrop, Crazy Sayz

On the personal side I’m still struggling a bit with some health issues but things are slowly getting better. Doing everything I can to get back to 100%. Really happy that at least I reached the point where I can get some work done. Which leads us to the update!

4Fre5h is moving along. Not quite as fast as I’d like but definitely making progress. There is currently a vote running on The Refresh Discord to choose which titles from The Refresh to include in 4Fre5h. If you’d like to take part in that vote jump onto the server and check out the latest announcements for details. A new feature has been added to 4Fre5h allowing people to save high quality images on mobile. Single tap will still refresh the image and now double tap will pop up a modal with an image you can press and hold to save to your photos. 4Fre5h is scheduled to drop some time in Oct. An exact date will be posted when more progress is made.

I created a The Refresh Tools Github account to share tools that will help people who build projects in code. The tools can be used for onchain or IPFS mints. These tools definitely help cut down the time it takes to make a project. My DMs are always open to anyone who has questions about or needs a hand with the tools. I’m also looking for feedback on how this repository can be improved. If there’s something you’d like added, hit me up and I’ll try to create something for your specific need.

Crazy 8 Bot AR airdrop has dropped! Everyone who purchased a Crazy 8 Bot should have an AR version for each Crazy 8 Bot in their wallet. Pixel created the AR versions and he did an amazing job on those bad boys!

If you purchased a Crazy Sayz when the game dropped don’t forget we have a weekly challenge on discord. There’s a Crazy Sayz channel for people to drop screenshots of their highest level for the week. The winner each week will receive whatever NFT is currently being given out to winners. Right now the prize is a Crazy Patternz. Crazy Patternz are 5 different versions of fully onchain JavaScript based 1:1 unique patterns. They refresh on their own every 10 seconds or you can click to refresh. You can view them here if you haven’t seen one yet. Make sure to flip the switch at the top of the page to On-chain.

Hope you all have a great couple of weeks! See you next update!

September 5, 2022 - Back from vacation

We are back from vacation but TCL is still not feeling as well as we would have expected by now. He’s going to start trying to work again a little today but also has a Dr appointment later to try and figure out what’s going on. We’ll keep you guys updated.

We are getting behind schedule now for the 4Fre5h and Fre5hies drops. TCL planned to do some work while on holiday but health issues prevented that and he hasn’t started working until today. Everything will still get done one way or another just might not happen on the timeline we planned. We were shooting for the end of Sept for both the 4Fre5h and Fre5hies to start but will more than likely be some time in Oct.

Crazy 8 Bot had a successful start on Discord but nothing was announced on Twitter as planned. That will get done today and the last 13 should go pretty quick. Once the 13 are sold we’ll get the AR bots airdrop set up.

Unfortunately as of right now it doesn’t look like we’re going to go to CNFTCon. Ian’s health is a priority and at the moment he doesn’t feel like Con is something he can commit to. Flights and hotels have not been canceled yet but we thought you should know what’s going on.

Hopefully the next update brings some more exciting news. Until then, stay Fre5h!

August 10, 2022 - Mostly vacation, some work

ThisCrazyLife and wife have been on vacation for a week and half now and are having a great time in Romania. ThisCrazyLife had an unfortunate accident with his beard trimmers and now they are just trimmers because there’s no more beard… When you see him at CNFTCon don’t think it’s a rugged TCL, that’s him in all his hairless glory. Take it easy on him, he’s devastated.

A little work has been done on the 4Fre5h drop and all is looking good for Sept as planned. The Crazy 8 Bot drop that was canceled has been rescheduled for 8/23 @ 1700 UTC. Anyone who purchases a Crazy 8 Bot will receive an airdrop after the sale with an AR version of the bot. The Refresh x MarsBirds limited collab is over and was a success. There are now 10 pretty hootin cool NFTs out in the wild! Bored Claude Parody sent the first image to work on and that’s been started. No hard date set for the collab yet. There will still be some back and forth between us working out the look. No work being done on the Ugly Bros collab at the moment. No work has been done on Fre5hies either but still on track for Sept/Oct.

F5d (The Refresh v2) is being planned out. There’s already been some images shared but they don’t reveal all that will be included. We are adding NFV functionality and it’s going to be something special. More image sharing and promos will start in Sept and will be hyped until launch in December. We’re super excited for this!

We hope you all have a Fre5h two weeks! See you next update!

July 27, 2022 - Special Announcement

First we have an update about updates! We know you want to know what’s going on with The Refresh and what’s next. Going forward we will be updating this page bi-weekly. The full update will be posted here and a summary will be posted on social media with a link to this page. We’re excited about everything coming up and we want you to be also!


Cinnamon_Bunnn has joined the team. He will be helping with the restructuring and rebranding of The Refresh/ThisCrazyLife as well as the Cardano community awareness of The Refresh, business processes, Fre5h Music, and other behind the scenes activities. Nothing is changing as far as the way we are going to try and grow. Everything will remain organic and driven by community engagement, there will just be more engagement on our part. For example getting on the right spaces and going more frequently, sharing updates regularly, and sharing more previews of the art that's coming up.

We'll start to separate ThisCrazyLife from the spotlight and put more focus on The Refresh. ThisCrazyLife isn’t going anywhere and I’ll still go by that name but the brand and naming convention of drops going forward will stem from The Refresh. No more Crazy Patternz, Crazy Sayz, CrazyCade (now called Fre5h Gamez) or Crazy 8 Bots (these will continue as planned.) Crazy 8 Bots will be the last of anything named Crazy. I will also start to dox myself more in spaces or wherever I might be socializing. I would like everyone to start to get to know the person/artist behind ThisCrazyLife. Let's start with my name, Ian Singer.

I’ll be on vacation with ThisCrazyWife, I mean Nora, in Romania visiting her family so there won’t be much going on during August. We’ll be gone from August 1st - 24th but I’ll be around on social media sharing pics of what we’re up to. Once we’re back though, it’s gonna be an action packed rest of the year. There are several art drops, more collabs, F5d (The Refresh v2), Crazy Patternz replacement since that drop will be done soon, another game, Bingo card (collector card), a new This Crazy Kitchen workshop (just realized that will need a rebrand as well,) Record Player for Fre5h Music, I’m part of a round table introducing a new CIP for music CNFTs, and there’s a Fre5h Music low cost minting platform coming. Woah! I better get to work!

See ya next update!

Coming Up:


MarsBirds - Very soon the art is done and the assets are minted
Bored Claude Parody - No set date but working on the art already
UglyBros - No set date, not working on anything yet

4Fre5h - September
Fre5hies - September/October (Refresh 1 year anniversary + CNFTCon)

We'll be at CNFTCon! Hope to see you there.