The Refresh cNFT

a fully on-chain ever-changing Cardano NFT

A different image every time you refresh the page.

Click on the F5 button to see!

The first fully on-chain dynamic cNFT

It changes every time you refresh the page.

A first of its kind cNFT

A new image is generated by the algorithm from randomly chosen parameters every time you refresh the page.

The Refresh story started with

a single star shape

A single JavaScript star shape on an HTML page.
After many days and hours of playing with the code, The Refresh was born. It dropped in 3 waves between 9/26/2021 - 10/4/2021 and sold out in less than 24hrs between the three waves.

Every image is the result of multiple random parameters

Make sure you save the ones you like or they will be lost forever!

The Refresh is interactive, fun and addictive

We take pride in our community embracing the ReFre5h Lifestyle. Once you refresh, you are changed forever.

Limited special edition releases

The Creepfresh - 5 Halloween-themed Refreshes were auctioned in October 2021
Jingle Fresh - Special holiday edition with 6 themes minted in December 2021
The Refresher - Limited edition Refresh tool minted in January 2022

Regular image contests in our Discord and on Twitter

Come and win exclusive cNFT prizes like Crazy Patternz and be part of The ReFre5h Gang!

Want to be a collector?

A total of 10,000 Refreshes are out in the world, 7 gradients, 54 variations and 6 themes. (1 theme and its variations was picked by the community)
See available Refreshes on the secondary markets:

Don't forget to check out The Refresh Bingo Card and The Refresh Hunters website created by community members.


The background in The Refresh is a gradient and the number of colors in the gradient varies from 2 to 8 colors.


There are 6 different themes. 5 themes have set colors, 1 theme is fully random. Each theme has variations.


The names of the different variations are beloved by the community. Joker, Solar Flare, Ice Age are some of their favourites. The names are clues to the inspiration behind the gradient color palette.