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Frac5 v2 by The Refresh


Frac5 v2 are fully onchain JavaScript based fractals that can be refreshed! Like v1 they feature HD mobile saving with three options by double tapping the image. As always Frac5 collections are available only to OG The Refresh holders via giveaways, contests, and our new Fre5h Faucet.

The cost for Frac5 v2 will be 10₳. Only 155 of the 255 assets will be available for purchase. If you don't already have an OG The Refresh you can pick one up on JPG at any point before or during the sale.

Frac5 v2 SOLD OUT!

Cell Phone Records #2 by MosieAlong


Cell Phone Records #2…? (I Probably Should Not Have Said That) If you enjoy unedited, unfiltered, acoustic indie hoomans sharing their thoughts… If you like this duder and the things I do… If you enjoyed live shows… #KYEP

Mint Cellphone Records 2

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